Eastern Water Dragon - Physignathus lesueurii

Eastern Water Dragon
An Eastern Water Dragon

The Eastern Water Dragon is a medium to large sized lizard, with some specimens growing up to 80cm in length including their long tail. Eastern Water Dragons have large heads, with a row of spines beginning on the head and leading down along their back. They are the largest Water Dragon in Australia. This particular specimen was about 60cm long and was calmly watching the crowds entering and leaving the Tiger enclosure at Dreamworld.

Eastern Water Dragons are semi-aquatic lizards that are found along the east coast of Australia. They are normally found around creeks, rivers or lakes. The Lizards can remain submerged for up to 30 minutes and rise to the surface where they are able to breathe, while checking the area for danger before emerging back onto land.

As can be seen, they can very easily get used to human activity. While I have seen them in the wild here on Tamborine Mountain and on the Griffith University Gold Coast campus, there is also (at least) one that inhabits the large pool at the centre of the huge Pacific Fair shopping complex at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast!

There is an interesting article on Water Dragons at http://www.blueswami.com/eastern_water_dragons.html

Eastern Water Dragon
Eastern Water Dragon
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