Snakes of Tamborine Mountain

Carpet Snake
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There are twenty-seven species of terrestrial snakes found in the Brisbane area (QPWS and see the links below), almost all of which have been seen on Tamborine Mountain. Having said that, they are not lurking under every log or rock, and many residents and visitors would not have seen a snake for years on end. However, one should be aware that they do exist and take suitable precautions (see the article regarding avoiding snake bites and first aid if you do happen to be bitten).

The golden rule is: “the best way to avoid being bitten is simply to leave the snake alone”

The most likely species to come across is the carpet snake pictured above. According to one of the local electricians, more than half of the houses on the mountain have one in the roof - how true this is I don’t know, but our roof is clear ... I think ..... While not poisonous, their bite can carry tetanus and other nasty infections and is to be avoided. They are also not very trustworthy around kittens and other small household pets!

Whatever, if you come across a snake in or near the house, not necessarily just a carpet snake, don’t try and catch him yourself or kill him (that’s illegal!), you can call upon one of the volunteer snake catchers registered with the Beaudesert Shire Council. The list is on the Beaudesert Shire Council page of the local phone directory compiled by the Tamborine Mountain Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

You should also be aware of Blind Snakes which are nocturnal and completely harmless, and the Giant Earthworm which grows up to 1 metre long and comes up to the surface after very heavy rain.

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