Rain forest in the garden

Rain forest in the garden

There are very few other locations where you can have true rain forest at the bottom of the garden. There are a number of patches of rain forest on and around Tamborine Mountain as well as the large areas of National Park. These ecosystems provide sanctuary for fauna and flora that would otherwise die out.

Staghorn and elkhorn type ferns as well as bird’s nest (or crow’s nest when they grow large) ferns are likely to sprout naturally on trees anywhere on or around the mountain; the spores on mature fronds are blown by the wind. They take a while to get truly established, but when they do you can get some fantastic specimens like this stag.

Tree ferns are also a feature of the rainforest’s on Tamborine Mountaine, and again, because the spore is very light and can be blown a long way, they can sprout anywhere that provides a suitable bed.

Orchids (see also ) also grow well on the mountain, and, once established, seem to thrive on neglect. The tree orchids competing for space on this tree are good examples.

Bangalow or picabeen palm trees are also a feature of the forests around the mountain and palm seedlings are also likely to sprout up anywhere because of the distribution of the seed by birds.

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