Land Mullet - Egernia major

Land Mullet

Tamborine Mountain is the home of the Land Mullet, also known as the Sleepy Jack, the largest skink in Australia. It's habitat is restricted to the coastal rainforests of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. We feel privileged to host a pair of these shy lizards in our garden.

They can reach a length of over 75 centimetres. This particular specimen is about 50 cms long.

The land Mullet feeds on insects, snails, mice (!), and berries. In this instance he/she was cleaning up some mince we had left out for a magpie. Interestingly, the magpie was giving the lizard a wide berth and only came in to finish off the remains after the lizard had scooted off.

Land Mullet

Information from “Lizards of Australia”, Stephen Swanson, Angus & Robertson, 1987

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