Jacaranda - Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacaranda Tree and Tree Fern

In November the Jacarandas are flowering on Tamborine Mountain providing beautiful contrasts with the green rainforest colours. Here the contrast is with lush tree ferns and other native species (see also photo and the main photo on our “Meet Us” page).

Despite popular belief, the Jacaranda is not native to Australia, but comes from Brazil and other parts of tropical and sub-tropical South America (don’t say this too loudly in Grafton, especially during the Jacaranda festival!) - it is naturally found in the high and dry deserts of Brazil. Thus, in Australia, the floral displays are better after a dryer year.

Tamborine Mountain has a flourishing garden club that can advise you on what species are suited to the plateau’s unique climate. Generally speaking, provided the plant is not averse to the dry winter with a very occasional frost, and does not mind getting its feet wet in the summer, it will thrive in the fertile soil - the weeds certainly do!

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