Views over Guanaba Gorge

Guanaba Creek has its source at the south end of the Tamborine Mountain plateau. Running northwards, it passes over St Bernard Falls (near the pub), and then over a series of falls (Wire Rope, Little Red, and Lower Falls) into a deep gorge. The views above are taken from the eastern edge of the gorge, looking west and north west towards the shelf at the end of Licuala Drive - the houses there have some beautiful views of the gorge and also through to the coast.

The Creek then bends around a spur, turning eastwards to join the Coomera River in Maudsland.

As can be seen, the escarpment is sudden and steep. At least one D9 bulldozer still resides at the bottom of the gorge from when it was taken too close to the edge. Thankfully the driver managed to jump clear!

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