Dwarf Tree Frog - Litoria bicolor or Litoria fallax

Dwarf Tree Frog and Praying Mantis

Just the hint of summer rain will bring out the frogs. From the large Green Tree Frogs to the smallest Dwarf Tree Frogs. The tiny fellow in the picture above was no longer than 25 mm (1 inch) long and was dwarfed by the (small) praying mantis on the same Begonia leaf - despite his size he was a prodigious jumper. It hadn’t started raining when we saw him, but he proved a better predictor of the weather than the Bureau of Meteorology!

The Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog is a member of the Litoria Bicolor Group and can occur in brown, green or gold colouring. It is a coastal species ranging from northern Queensland to central New South Wales (A Field Guide to Australian Frogs by J.Barker, G.C. Grigg, and M.J.Tyler, Surrey Beatty & Sons, NSW, 1995). The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has more information on this species with a sound file of the call.

If you want to extend your knowledge of Australian frogs, the Amphibian Research Centre has a web site devoted to all things frog (and other amphibians). In particular they have descriptions of Frogs around Brisbane most of which are found on Tamborine Mountain.

Bilambil Primary School, just across the border in NSW, has accumulated some good links to further information about frogs in Australia and Box Hill Institute of TAFE has an extensive library of pictures and frog calls that is worth bookmarking if you want to identify that noise you can hear...

For fun and information also see Frogland.

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