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Blood Lily - Scadoxus Puniceus Magnificus (!)

Day Lilies
Chris Edmondson

This grand amaryllis type plant found flowering underneath the corner of a local house has caused a great deal of effort and research.

After hours of web research plus help from Anna Tyson at Nardoo Nursery (41-47 Lahey Road, North Tamborine) & Jim Shields of Indiana, we now know that this glorious flowering bulb is a native of South Africa and indeed is a relative of the amaryllis.

It is a Scadoxus Puniceus Magnificus - formerly know as Haemanthus Magnificus. In its native habitat it grows in shade in grassveld or rocky areas in South Africa’s Northern Province.

This group of plants are often referred to overall as Blood Lilies because they are reputed to stop both internal and external bleeding. The bulbs can be toxic if eaten in large amounts.

Chris Edmondson

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