Tamborine Mountain Vacant Land
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Build a Mansion Here Or Develop

Lot 1 Kootenai Drive, North Tamborine
5.05 Hectares (12.5 Acres)

There is opportunity & then there is opportunity! There can be no doubt that this excellent piece of fertile land could be used for anything from very intensive agriculture to some form of eco-tourism development. Given the ever growing demand for accommodation on Mt. Tamborine & the continuing National & International interest in eco-tourism, this land offers special features which would make it ideal for that form of development.

The seller has had the land evaluated by PMM (a Brisbane company) for its potential as a development site & that assessment is attached here for your perusal: pdf.

While the address suggests a residential area, that purely relates to the access which is via a wide entry that leads into a dense stand of trees bordering almost the entire property. The land is simply outstanding with excellent fertile red volcanic soil, underground water bore & gentle undulations. It has been long ago cleared & developed as an avocado orchard. However, the trees have received scant attention for many years & most are probably best removed, although some remain healthy & could be incorporated in the final development. There are stands of rainforest on the property & also some very surprising & stunning views available.

While this block alone offers an excellent potential, people seeking a larger development should also look at the adjoining 7.8 Hectares which can be viewed on this web site too - http://www.lanerealty.com.au/lr90213.html This land incorporates permanently flowing Sandy Creek shrouded in magnificent rainforest & its entry from Knoll Road. It has a further 576.5 metre northern boundary to National Park.

No other opportunity like this is available today on Mount Tamborine, & once this land is gone there can never be any more land created for people who seek something extraordinary to become part of the eco-tourism boom.

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Unique Is The Word ... $1,250,000

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