Tamborine Mountain Vacant Land
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A Sublime Cow Paddock

Lot 100 Licuala Drive, North Tamborine
3.16 Hectares (7.8 Acres)

Cows and horses have roamed this land for decades and fertilised the rich red volcanic soil as they wandered. I have some bad news for them! This very quiet, gently undulating and well hidden away almost 8 acres has so much to offer that it means it is far too good to be left just to the cows any longer! Some humans will want to have a part of it too!

Here you will find both peace and amazing natural beauty. The rear of the land snuggles up to a rising cliff face resplendent with incredibly dense and lush original rainforest. From various vantage points and home site options you can look right across the land, down over the lower Guanaba Gorge and right out over the northern Gold Coast to where the sun rises out of the sea. You can also look out on a grand panorama across the gorge and right back to St. Bernards Hotel - This view alone would delight many who seek to see to the horizon.

The beauty here extends beyond the visual to encompass the audible too. The magpie struts his stuff across the fields and sings his merry song all day long. A wide variety of parrots that live in the rainforest dart and dive between the 2 environments and announce their passage for all to hear. In fact, nature never allows a silent moment here - day or night you can hear the sound of birds, some of whom you will never see. And yet, there are times when their voices are almost drowned out. That is in those good wet seasons like we are having now. After a big downpour when the water is rushing madly over the 3 waterfalls down below in Guanaba Gorge, the tumbling waters create a wondrous music.

This is a unique and beautiful acreage, perfect for a grand new home or a little weekend retreat. It is ideal growing soil that can continue to grazing the restful cows or be turned to growing anything from trees to a wide variety of tropical fruits.

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A Perfect Spot To Put Down Roots ... $950,000

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