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  1.1  Frequently Asked Questions
    Where Do Buyers Come From?
    How Important Is The Agent?
    Is Market Analysis Important?
    Does It All Depend On The Agent?
    How Should We Advertise?
    Advertising is Advertising - Or Is It?
    Is Mutual Trust Important in Selling Property?
  1.2 Our Success Formula

top1.1 Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Buyers Come From?

Tamborine Mountain buyers can come from anywhere around the World or within Australia. Many of our sales are to people who already live here - people who are “downsizing” or “upsizing”. Since this web site was originally launched in March 1997 we have had e-mail enquiries from countries from all points of the Globe including Russia, Rumania, Cuba, Bermuda and South Africa. People who have initially made e-mail contact from New Zealand, Canada, England, America, Holland and Switzerland have visited the Mountain in person. Some have already bought through Lane Realty, others promise return visits and subsequent purchases.

People have moved to Tamborine Mountain from every state in Australia and the flow of enquiries suggest that they will continue to migrate to this wonderful environment from all points north, west, south and even east - i.e. those who arrive from the Pacific Islands!

Some come searching for property in an area they have already decided will be their future home, others come seeking an area where they will put down their roots. The latter group want to learn all about living on Tamborine Mountain before they begin seriously looking at homes. They want to know about the community, the climate and a broad range of facilities that will be available to them. They also want to know what their money can buy. If they find they can get more home for their dollars in other areas that also appeal to them and offer similar facilities, they will often opt for one of those areas rather than Tamborine Mountain. Their decision may result from how well (or badly) they were treated by the agents and which particular properties they were shown during their investigative stage.

Both groups of people have “discovered” Tamborine Mountain in some way or other. Some people tell us, “We came here as children with our parents, we came here when we were courting, we brought our children here, now we want to retire here!” Others have been alerted to its existence by some publicity they saw - maybe an item on TV about the Mountain, a real estate ad for the type of house they had always dreamed of owning or, they found our web site and thought the Mountain seemed right for the life they had planned for the future.

topHow Important Is The Agent?

For most people the first contact is a phone call or an e-mail. The response they receive from the agent will almost certainly either reinforce their intention to “find their way” to Tamborine Mountain or leave them with the feeling that it probably isn’t as good as they hoped. If they call an agent who was “too busy”, “too lazy” or simply “not interested”, they are left with the latter impression. Potential buyers are frequently lost by poorly trained or inept agents and go elsewhere to buy. Whether or not your house sells to any particular buyer often depends on which agency they went to or which salesperson they met. Our intense level of quality marketing delivers far more initial buyer enquiry to Lane Realty than to any other agency in this area. From that instant of first contact, we work to ensure that no potential buyers are lost to our sellers.

topIs Market Analysis Important?

Lane Realty is constantly monitoring the market. We watch where our buyers originate from and which particular advertising medium has directed them to us. We evaluate every single factor we can, even down to the difference an advertising headline can make in arousing buyer response.

Statistics available from our web server has allowed us to develop the best possible analysis of which particular headlines create most interest and which price range is in highest demand on a week to week basis. These figures reinforce the observable patterns from e-mail enquiry, phone calls and walk-in buyers.

Knowledge is power. The more we understand the market the better we can design a programme to bring the result you want - a sale!

topDoes It All Depend On The Agent?

Selling is a partnership. We can provide the best possible marketing skills and sales skills but, we are dependent on our sellers providing us with marketable properties. If the price is wrong the buyers will choose a similar property that is more in tune with market values rather than risk making an offer and end up facing rejection. Many buyers cannot mentally picture what a home will look like when they live in it. Their vision is much more likely to be clouded if the home is in need of even minor attention or is poorly presented. Some people will totally ignore an untidy home that has all the features they say they want and instead, chose a superbly decorated and presented home even though it lacks some of the “must haves” on their wish list.

We are partners in this selling process together. You price your house to current market values and keep it well presented and we will supply the expertise needed to find the buyer and close the deal.

topHow Should We Advertise?

Over the years we have developed a marketing programme that provides a range of options for our sellers. Each property is different and not all forms of marketing are either cost effective or suitable for each individual property. The programme used by Lane Realty is designed for maximum exposure at minimum cost. It is individually tailored to your property and to the method of sale. An Auction programme will differ markedly to an Exclusive Agency programme. A very visible home does not need a Colourphoto sign, a “hidden treasure” does. We discuss the various options with you when we list your property and make recommendations according to the type of property on offer.

topAdvertising is Advertising - Or Is It?

The size of the ad, the choice of photo, the wording and even the layout can influence the reader to reach for the phone or pass on to another ad. There is simply no contest between a little black and white text only classified in a newspaper and a well designed and written colour ad with good photos. In a society where imagination is becoming stultified by visual effects, how can we expect people to respond to the traditional agent’s newspaper ads?

Do people read newspapers still? Many don’t. So, the days of reliance on papers has long since gone. Which papers do prospective Mountain buyers read? If you are selling a home in the “first home buyer” price range you might get some response from the Gold Coast Bulletin, the local regional paper. Better quality homes are far more likely to obtain a response from the Courier Mail. The cost of advertising in all newspapers far outweighs the benefit. In most cases the dollars are more productively spent on magazine ads, flyers and internet advertising.

Boring headlines, abbreviated or unemotional text and, poorly conceived “closing phrases” can all cause an ad to lose impact. If it is your dollars the agent is spending, you need to know that the agent has the ability and know-how to produce effective ads that will induce potential buyers in your price range to view your home in preference to other homes competing for their attention. You’ve probably noticed that many agents’ ads look awful and sound “ho-hum”. If you could see the poor quality photos and text scribbled on bits of paper that are sent in to the magazine publishers as copy, you would wonder how they even manage to make the ads look passable.

Lane Realty has a reputation for having the best photos with all our publishers. We are also recognised for balanced layout and carefully phrased text. We have achieved this by “going the extra mile”. All our ads, flyers and signs are created on computer. We design the layout to ensure that the font size is not too small and that there is a visual balance in the overall ad. Our headlines and much of the textural material comes from a great little computer advertising programme we discovered on the Internet and purchased in from America. No other agent in Australia has a copy of that programme.

topIs Mutual Trust Important in Selling Property?

In short, Yes! An honest agent must have confidence in the property and in the sellers. If you are unwilling to place your trust in the agent how can you expect the agent to feel good about your home and convey the right vibes to the buyer?

It takes many skills and 100% attention to the task in hand to sell a home. The agent needs to have ready access and feel secure in the knowledge that another agent with possible buyers will not suddenly appear while the house is being shown or negotiated. Any distraction of that nature can cause not one but two potential buyers to be lost.

In an industry that only gets paid by results, the knowledge that another agent may also have a buyer can cause even a seasoned salesperson to resort to higher pressure tactics than would normally not be used and can inadvertently cause the buyers to decide against your property. Wise and properly trained salespeople do not use high pressure selling techniques, EVER. They know that if they have correctly assessed their buyers’ wants and needs, the buyers will like all the properties they show them and simply need assistance and time to rationalise out the comparative qualities of the homes they viewed before making their choice. Many buyers need time to think, sometimes even days or more. They need “space”. They certainly do not need to ever feel pushed.

Competition may be a good thing, but in house selling it’s a “No-No”!

top1.2 Our Success Formula

Lane Realty has devoted 15 years to developing the most effective system for selling Mountain properties. That is why we are the TOP selling agent on Tamborine Mountain


Only a small number of properties are included in our project system

Winner of 14 prestigious International Internet Awards - Including the Golden Web Award for 2002-2003. It gets results! - Over 50% of contracts being written by Lane Realty originate from this web site.

Our team has had extensive negotiation training to ensure that we are
Working in the best interests of our employer - YOU

Australia wide colour magazine advertising reaches out to buyers across
the Nation. Massive signage & Flyers ensure we reach all available local buyers.

We have extensively tracked our advertising for over a decade. We know
where to advertise
to reach the prospective Tamborine Mountain buyers.

We have served a large number of residents in this area and these people are now in our private marketplace. Many of our sales come from local referrals.

Our marketing is prepared on computer. We use a unique property advertising programme from America. We invite you to compare our ads and window displays with our competitors’.

Ready for you to call and be asked anything about us.

A win/win promotion system - Extensive quality advertising at NO COST to you.




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