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From Helen’s Kitchen

An archive of recipes published in the Lane Realty Newsletter



1.  Entrees, Pasta, Savouries, & Soup

2.  Salads

3.  Main Courses & Vegetables


3.  Main Courses & Vegetables (Cont)

4.  Desserts

5.  Cakes, Confectionery, Pickles & Drinks


Links to other recipe pages:

Aussie Cooking  
Aussie Cooking - Australian recipes, with lots of links to other sites, forums, articles etc. It also has recipe pages specifically formatted for the iPhone (or any other PDA with a narrow screen and a web browser)
Australian Flavour  
Australian Flavour - recipes that are not only Australian but are verified as having been cooked in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s plus those considered iconic: lamingtons, chocolate crackles, pavlova etc.
Old Aussie Food Recipes  
Old Australian Food Recipes - Yesterday’s delicious foods with hundreds of old recipes collected from family writings and cutouts with sprinklings of our wonderful Australian culture and humour. Join their Supporters for hundreds of extra recipes.

Cheap & Easy Recipes - Real Australian Recipes - some links to other websites describing dinkum Aussie tucker. The website also has a lot of other recipes and food tips from an Australian perspective.

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