Marilyn McPhail JP(Qual)

Marilyn began her life in real estate when she joined Lane Realty in 1990. There has been a lot of water pass under the bridge over the intervening years. After spending a number of successful years with Lane Realty, Marilyn decided to spread her wings and find out just what it felt like to be an owner / manager of a real estate firm. After a few more good years in that aspect of the industry, the family situation with grandchildren placed a bit too much stress on this most devoted mother and grandmother and Marilyn took a few years off to work in less demanding careers, including managing a motel.

Eventually, as the family grew a little bit less in need of her services, she decided to come back to the industry and began working with Lane Realty again. After a few more years, temptation raised its head again and Marilyn was faced with the opportunity of once again owning her own office. Good years there were followed by other family demands that only a wonderful daughter of elderly parents can appreciate. Eventually, she sold her second agency and then spent 2 years hibernating from real estate. When Marilyn decided to step back into the real estate industry in late 2009, she chose to come back to where she started at Lane Realty. The bond of true friendship between Marilyn and Lane Realty owner Helen South has continued strong over the years from when they first met in 1984 and Marilyn has always appreciated the Lane Realty approach to professional and ethical conduct demand by Helen from all employees. As a former competitor for quite a few years, she is also well aware of Lane Realty’s excellent record for sales and service to both sellers and buyers.

During her hibernation Marilyn became qualified as a marriage and funeral celebrant in between dealing with all the extra demands of elderly family. During all these years, Marilyn has maintained her role as a quiet charity worker, deeply involved in helping others locally through organisations such as Rotary and her local church. She and her husband Joe have been the mainstays of the local Red Cross Red Shield collection day on Mount Tamborine for at least a couple of decades now.

If any member of the Lane Realty team can claim to be a local, it is Marilyn Mcphail. Marilyn grew up in the Biddaddaba Valley (O.K. nobody but a true local can even pronounce it’s name!), under the shadow of Tamborine Mountain and moved to the top of the Mountain to live as a young bride over 35 years ago. She and Joe ran their own building company all through the seventies and eighties until Joe’s back gave too many problems and he became a Council building inspector. Marilyn is a very quick learner and it is very obvious that while she never got a builder’s license, she knows just as much about building as Joe does, in part because she worked beside him in those early days here.

Marilyn knows Tamborine Mountain and its properties so much better than newer comers to the local industry. Like Helen, she only has to look at a map to have her memory jogged. She knows where all those long forgotten easements are and where the the good, pure underground water is most likely to flow. Sellers and buyers alike appreciate Marilyn’s straightforward style. She doesn’t gild the lily, but simply states the truth with an inescapable sincerity. In an industry not famous for its ethics and honesty, her natural decency and caring nature make her stand out from the crowd.

Phone: 61 7 5545 1800
Mobile: 04 1774 0406
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