Elizabeth Stirling


Elizabeth started her real estate career with Lane Realty in February 2001. Prior to joining Lane Realty, she had undertaken a TAFE course in real estate sales to prepare herself for this carefully planned mid-life career change. She had spent some 20 years working in the film and advertising industries in Melbourne then diversified into other fields while living at dramatic Wilson’s Promontory on the Victorian Gippsland Coast.

In 1997 Elizabeth, husband Phillip and teenage daughter Hannah moved to Queensland to further Phillip’s career in the film industry. They chose Tamborine Mountain for their new home. This move left Elizabeth with spare time on her hand which she devoted to her family (2 legged and 4 legged) and further education plus involvement with our very active local Garden Club.

Phillip and Elizabeth are both interested in traditional architecture, particularly the old timber Queenslander style of building. Every spare moment (and she doesn’t get many) is devoted to the loving restoration of what was, when they purchased it, an almost derelict 1920’s timber home in Eagle Heights. Most people thought that they were mad to buy this old “knock-down” with broken windows and rusty tanks, but those people couldn’t see that the superb Hoop Pine timber structure was still in extraordinarily good shape and would respond magnificently to restoration.

Elizabeth comes from good Irish stock (as the saying goes) and has those, now often sadly lacking, traditional ethical values deeply ingrained in her personality by years of convent education. She is typically Irish in many ways. Elizabeth lives and enjoys life to the full and is always ready for a good party. In pensive moments she can get deeply into a serious political or philosophical discussion but her Irish wit always sees the funny side of the any serious debate.

During her TAFE real estate course Elizabeth spent 6 weeks working in the office of another local agent as part of the training programme. This experience confirmed in Elizabeth’s mind that the only agency she wanted to work in was Lane Realty and, upon completion of the course, called up for an appointment to introduce herself. Her obvious skills in PR and communications plus a natural ability to relate easily to people opened the door for her to enter the industry with Lane Realty. Liz quickly established herself as salesperson & has gone on to forge a very successful real estate career with the Lane Team.

Elizabeth chose the right time to enter the industry when the market was lifting after years in the doldrums. She very quickly developed the necessary hands-on skills that can never be taught in any educational course and applied them wisely. Her clients frequently acknowledge her incredible dedication to their needs and her care and attention throughout the sale process. Negotiation seems to be second nature to Elizabeth and failure is not something she accepts. Flowers, chocolates, plants and written tributes testify to her clients’ esteem.

Elizabeth & her daughter Hannah work together as a team ensuring that one member of the family is always available to respond to their buyers & sellers 7 days a week.


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