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Our aim is to make your buying experience as relaxing and hassle free as possible.

Here at Lane Realty we understand that buying property and moving house, whether it be just a short move or a very long move can be stressful. Our sales team have all bought and sold properties many times in their lives. They understand all the little headaches and difficulties that can turn a highly anticipated move into an overwhelming problem. Our team has the combined experience of having moved locally, moved from one side of Australia to the other and moved to Australia from overseas.

If you are moving with children or pets, you may find some reasonably helpful suggestions in a couple of little e-books which are provided in PDF format below. They are American in origin, but pertinent to the Australian situation as well.

pdf  Moving With Children    pdf  Moving With Pets

Moving all begins with making decisions, like where to live or whether to buy or build. Then there is the hunting phase. Visiting web sites, contacting agents, waiting for replies. We know that many agents do not still understand the importance of regularly reading and responding to e-mail. Some agencies do not keep the doors open 7 days a week to answer your calls like we do at Lane Realty. If you are disappointed by an agent not responding promptly, drop that agent!

Some people may prefer to sign up with one agent to employ that agent in the role of a Buyer's Agent. This means that the agent’s first responsibility (legally speaking) is to you the buyer, rather than to the seller, which is the reverse of traditional practice. By working with just one agent, that agent does all the leg work for you in lining up not only that agency’s listings but all the listings with other agents and helping you to view and evaluate the choices as well as preparing the paper work and negotiating the best deal possible for you. Because the buyer pays the commission, the agent is primarily responsible to you rather than to the seller. A Buyer's Agent has a far greater responsibility to ferret out and make you aware of foreseeable problems, e.g. an intolerable neighbour or known building problems. A signed Buyer's Agency on the approved Form 22 enables the agent to be your dedicated negotiator when submitting the offer to the seller. The single, bureaucratically designed form covers both sellers’ listing a property and Buyer’s agency. A copy of the form can be downloaded here.

pdf  Form 22

Whether you use the traditional style of buying or the more modern Buyers’ Agent process, choosing the right agent to work with you is a very important part of making the move. First, you need someone with whom you can feel relaxed. You also need an agent who is willing to communicate in the way you want. If you are an e-mail and Skype person, you need someone who is comfortable using these communications methods. If you are living some distance away, you want an agent who knows how to reduce photos to a reasonable size before e-mailing them to you. Lane Realty has a ScanSnap so we can quickly convert any paper document into a PDF & e-mail it to you.

Don’t tie yourself to an agent who can not deliver what you want in the manner in which you want it. Here on Tamborine Mountain there are plenty of agencies and salespeople. Don’t accept second rate service or an attitude that makes you think that real estate agents are about on a par with politicians. Lane Realty can work with buyers who do not own a computer or buyers with all the technology bells & whistles. We adjust to your requirements, but the one thing we will not adjust is our integrity.


Once a contract is agreed, there are many steps to take before settlement.

You need to choose various professionals to handle each stage of the contract - Building & Pest Inspectors, Financier, & Solicitor are some of the key professionals you need to decide upon quickly and appoint. Some people also like to check the boundaries with a surveyor. You also need your agent constantly overseeing each phase of the contract to ensure the others fulfil their obligations and to keep you fully updated. We stand ready to facilitate the process and discuss any issues with you that might arise.

When the contract is unconditional, the agent’s job continues on as settlement day approaches. There are funds to be allocated as per the sellers’ solicitor’s directions - after we have checked than any unusual direction such as a request for early release of funds has been fully agreed to by you and your solicitor. There are always keys to organise and often, when the sellers run short on time, last minute professional cleaners to arrange and admit to the premises. Not all movers know Tamborine Mountain well, so sometimes we have to send maps to help them. If they arrive before you can collect the keys to your new home, we can act on your instructions to unlock the house and re-lock it after they have completed their task.


Wherever possible, Lane Realty recommends using locally known and respected professionals.

We can provide you with referrals to various trades and professions to assist you in your move and with any subsequent building or improvements you might be considering to your new property. Obviously we can offer no guarantee for our recommendations. However, so far as possible, we recommend long established local people who are respected in their work by Mountain residents. When those listed have off-Mountain contacts, they are people with whom we have dealt frequently both for our own private purposes and on behalf of buyers and sellers. We can e-mail you a list of professionals to contact upon request.

NOTE: We neither expect nor receive any benefits from the service providers we recommend.


Here at Lane Realty we do not consider that the job is ever completed!

There is always “after sales service” available. We look forward to your visits, phone calls and e-mails. If you have a question about any aspect of Mountain living, or you are simply saying “Hello”, you will find yourself always welcomed and we do our best to answer your questions and help you in the best direction.

We would love you to send us an e-mail when you have settled in so we have your new e-mail address and can make you part of our circle of friends who we sometimes contact with news and updates on Mountain real estate and other activities of general interest.


Please print out the PDF form below, fill it in & send / hand it back to us

We know we can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we try to please as many people as possible. We can only improve our service if we know what our weaknesses and strengths are. By filling out and returning the form, you can help us to fine tune how we deliver our services and provide more innovative approaches to service delivery.

pdf  Buyer’s Feedback Form
Thank you for choosing Lane Realty as your agent on Tamborine Mountain

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